Sure My Math Isn’t What It Used to Be…

The Washington Redskins battled back to “tie” the Giants and Cowboys above the NFC East. But, because of the tie-breaking rules, Washington was actually the head of the division.

Then, last weekend, the Redskins beat Philly while both the Giants and the Cowboys lost, so that put them ahead by one game AND – by my calculations, gave them the division as well.

To my surprise, none of the sportscasters or networks seem to see it that way. It must be my math.

It seems to me that, by using the same tie-breaking rules as before, if Dallas AND the Giants both win next week (meaning the Redskins lose to the Cowboys) it would result in another three-way tie and – using the same tie-breaking rules as before – Washington would STILL win the division because they have a better divisional record than either of the other two.

If the Redskins lose to Dallas, they will both be 9-7. If the Giants beat Philly, they too will be 9-7.

In the Divisional records, Washington & Dallas will both be 4-2, the Giants 3-3 and therefore eliminated.

In the Conference record, Washington will be 7-5 and the Cowboys will only be 6-6, and eliminated.

Therefore, how can the Redskins NOT win the division??

Maybe there’s some part of the formula I’ve missed but I cannot see what it might be.

If anyone knows the answer to this mystery, I would love to know. I left a query at but have yet to see an answer.

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