Time’s Person of the Year 2012

Well, they have made the announcement.

I was betting on Malala. You know, that Pakistani teenager who spoke out against the Taliban about women’s education and got shot in the head for her troubles? She survived to continue the fight. And I was hoping it would have gotten mention in such a way.

But it was not to be. The editors over at Time took the “safe” bet and named Barack Obama. Well, congratulations are in order for POTUS.

Perhaps the editors actually saw the great strides Obama had made this year in… well, in the area of… er, maybe it was… Hang on! Give me a minute!

Oh, yeah, I got it! He is the first African-American to win RE-election as President!

Yes, that sounds a little lame, doesn’t it?

Or maybe because he was able to make a tough stand against the Taliban… Oh, wait, that was Malala.

Or it was his stand against the oppressive Muslim regimes… Oops! I guess that was Malala as well.

How about his stand on promoting education for women, especially in the areas of technology and… well, maybe… except that that too seems to be Malala.

But then we must not forget what Obama did for all the older, wealthy guys – like the editors over at Time magazine, huh? – and that is a heck of a lot more than Malala ever did for them!

Or it might boil down to the same reason as Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize before he had been President a week. You know, right about when he was talking about sending more troops to the Mid-East to fight a more expanded war…

And that reason is POLITICS.

Let’s face it, Time is nothing more than another political rag. You know, the stuff made for lining garbage pails and the bottoms of bird cages.

Congratulations are in order to Malala for even getting a mention by the fat cats over at Time.


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