Never Too Early to Screw Up, Huh?

I was listening to the radio this morning and the DJ was talking about his New Year’s resolution and I thought, Hey, you still got a coupla weeks, why rush into foolhardiness?

Years ago, I made New Years resolutions and – usually – failed miserably.

The ones (quite a few) to quit smoking simply went up in smoke too quickly to even bother. I finally did quit several years ago but it was in the middle of June and not tied to any such “resolution”.

The one to get back into exercising was continued for a few days before it ran out of steam.

The one to start eating healthier likewise fell wasting by the roadside. I do it now, so many years later, but – again – not from any silly NY resolution.

I cannot even remember all the crazy things I decided I would start with the new year that got lost in the holiday shuffle.

Except ONE.

In 1979, I finally made a resolution I have stuck with. It not only lasted throughout that year but through all the years since.

It has made my life better, less stressful, and happier.

The resolution?

Simple: to stop making New Year’s resolutions!!

And I am happy to say I have been a complete success at that one.

And though it is still two weeks away, have yourself a happy new year.

Whether you resolve to or not.

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