a Tale of Robin Hoodwinks

The Fiscal Cliff is upon us. And I am so gratified that our leaders and our media keep coming up with such wonderful catch-phrases for these yearly events.

Every year I can plan on watching the College Bowl Games (all 187 of them!!), stocking the presents under the tree (and I keep getting a smaller tree every year in hope the pile can dwindle as well), and sit with a bowl of popcorn and watch anxiously as the Federal Government comes to the moment of stoppage.

Every year we have the same thing happen. The Feds always run out of cash and have to send workers home in the cold because they have run out of money.

This seems very strange to me that the government seems to be unable to operate without cash but we have a tremendous debt every year from their operating without the cash. Maybe I should have stayed awake in my economics class, huh?

And now we have a new name this year: the Fiscal Cliff. And I am truly surprised that Hollywood did not appropriate the rights to the title first as it is really quite catchy. Although I am not so sure of “Son of…”

Our politicians are walking a fine line between raising the taxes on the little guys (us) or raising them on the big guys (themselves and most of their financial backers).

But our system has always been guided by the wealthy class. You don’t think Washington (the wealthiest man in America at the time), or Jefferson, or the other early leaders were paupers, do you? One visit to Mount Vernon or Monticello will cure you of that misthink quite quickly.

And the same is true for the other presidents. Lincoln may have been born in a log cabin but his homes later were quite impressive.

All these guys had money. Serious money.

And in the old days, it seemed that companies would back either one candidate or the other to try and put “their man” into office (whichever office) to help them and their business out. Today, it’s a little different. With only two parties (generally speaking) it is more profitable for them to back both candidates so having “their man” in office is a sure thing.

Maybe I’m cynical but it doesn’t look like there are any guys who are up there to work for me. I didn’t send them buckets of cash.

During the last two financial upheavals in our country, when so many of the middle class lost their life savings and the rest of us had to tighten our belts or lose our homes when the mortgage bubble went inverted, the wealthy got wealthier faster. We lost our shirts and they reaped the profits.

And now they do not want to give back something to the country.

But I don’t see any modern Robin Hood in Congress.

Everyone there is among the rich he would have to steal from.


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