Fighting for Women’s Rights

Someone showed me an interesting blog recently (and now I can’t remember the name!) about the fight for women’s issues.

The idea behind the article was that men should not be the leaders in that cause. The blogger said it was nice that some should try but they should really just leave it up to the women. Somehow, that sounds something like a sexist remark to me.

There is a fourteen year-old girl in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai, who was leading the cause there. A great warrior of the Taliban came to kill her. Firing point blank, he shot her twice but failed to kill her.

Yes, the great and powerful Taliban has taken up the cause to kill little girls who stand in their way. As a terrorist regime, they have certainly fallen upon hard times, huh? They could not stand up to the armies of the United States but they sure have big enough cojones to shoot little girls, even if not effective enough to eliminate their targets.

This past week, they shot the leader of the Afghanistan women’s movement and were, unfortunately, a bit more successful in that murder. It is a sad commentary that the age old “battle of the sexes” has devolved into this.

I don’t know what test tubes these pseudo-humans came from but anyone who does not revere their own mother (and the half of the species she represents) have got more than just a couple of screws loose in their craniums.

Anyway, getting back to the men leading the fight for women’s rights, the President of Pakistan has now honored Malala by allocating $ten million to further women’s education in Pakistan. Apparently, he was not waiting for a female president to take on that duty.

All this reminds me of Jackie Robinson. For years I have heard people say how great it was that he broke the “color barrier” in professional sports. Actually, he did not – nor could he on his own – do any such thing. Branch Rickey was the one who broke the barrier by hiring Robinson.

This is not to downplay what Robinson did. He, Rickey, and everyone concerned knew there was going to be heck to pay for the addition of a black player in Major League Baseball and the one who would bear the brunt of that was Robinson himself. It was a brave thing to do accepting the job and the almost certain hatred that would be heaped upon him.

None of the public’s rage fell on Rickey, of course, as if they somehow thought Robinson was to blame for being hired.

So, until women are ensconced in the seats of power in the nations around the world – as well as in the major religions – they are going to have to count on men to come to their aid in making a way for the women. Sad, I know, but true.

This process should be an arena of agreement between the two sexes, rather than an extended portion of the battleground.


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