the Knight of the Broken Lance

Waiting in the doctor’s office the other day (and, yes, the examination turned out just peachy, so you don’t half to worry… but thanks for thinking of me), I came across the Sept. 3rd issue of Newsweek.

Inside was a truly remarkable article about Lance Armstrong – one of my favorite people. The author was assigned the task of writing an article about the fallen cyclist and was thinking of knocking it off as another quick look at another broken and rusty icon but listened to his son talk about Lance first. And the son was a fan.

The thing that has always bothered me about the case was that they have hounded him even when they could find nothing on him… even with years of random and sudden testing. Nothing.

Now there are a couple of teammates who have been convicted of their use of proscribed performance boosters and they claim that Lance was the one who turned them on to the stuff.

They are, of course, throwing him under the bus to reduce their own punishment.

And the international cycling association has rules about using evidence or charges more than seven years old or so, but that ruling has been tossed out the window as they continue their rabid hounding of Lance.

Did Lance actually use the performance enhancers as they claim? I seriously doubt it. After this many years without a single shred of EVIDENCE turning up, I doubt it.

But most people don’t seem to care about such things. A little innuendo seems to go a lot farther in today’s market than a bushel of truth.

So, tired of the hounding, Lance finally decided it was not worth it. He knew he would take a drubbing from the media for giving up the fight but do you really think it is a fight he could ever win?

Evidence can be refuted… innuendo and surmise cannot.

So, he did the honorable thing: accept the dishonors and get on with his life. He does not need the paper saying he won or the medals proclaiming he won. He knows he won.

And now he is being crucified and labeled king of the performance enhancers…

Yes, I am drawing a parallel.

Another hero martyred.


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