Trying, Dying to Take it Back

I saw a very interesting article at,football where Jeff Darlington mentioned some reports in a New York paper by several teammates of Tebow who claim the reason he isn’t playing instead of Sanchez is because the boy is simply “terrible”!

Darlington tweeted: “@JeffDarlington: Hey, Jets players who anonymously ripped Tim Tebow to the NY Daily News today… The Broncos of Aug 2011 called. They want their quotes back.”

Yes, the Bronco fans were really pissed when Tebow arrived in Denver… they would have preferred a “good quarterback”. And let’s face it, Elway was very quick to send the boy up the Hudson River at the end of the season.

But the fans might want to eat those words after they got to ride the Tebow train into the playoffs… and should we say after rolling over the Jets?… nah, let’s play nice. Yes, the mediocre quarterback seemed to be a little bit better than anyone thought he could be.

But let’s get realistic here. Mark Sanchez was taken high in the draft to be THE guy in the Jets organization. And, yes, his early promise seems to have faded a little since then…

Well, maybe a LOT. After all, there are 31 other QB’s in the league rated better. And that would place Sanchez at… hm, let me see… oh, yeah, dead last.

So I can understand why the fans are so upset that Rex Ryan (“he of the rather large mouth”) won’t use Tebow better. And I can understand why the “anonymous teammates” that threw Tebow under the bus want things to stay as they are:

If the quarterback was better – and who could NOT be better than Sanchez? – then the rest of the team would actually have to start performing at something closer to a semblance of a professional level which means they would have to get off their overpaid behinds and do the job the fans expect of them rather than telling those same fans to shut up.

Maybe they forgot who is really paying their salaries – in the long run – just like the ownership of the NFL or the commish himself.

It seems to be some sort of disease creeping through the league and it is spreading its infection everywhere, from the top down.

I don’t know… maybe we should pray on it.

Ready for a little Tebowing?


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