Which Sign Should We Be Reading?

Well, today is the big day: selection day!!

Before the Sun eases over the horizon, the polls will open and the last lap of the race will be run. And we won’t know the results until well after sunset.

When about 1% of the precincts in any state have reported, the network will tell us who won the state and the appropriate number of electoral votes.

So, I suppose only 1% of us need really need to drag ourselves to the poll after all, huh?

As to who is actually going to win, I won’t hazard a guess!!

I do know that I am in one of the dreaded “battleground states” where each candidate (as well as the First Lady) has appeared recently and truly messed up the traffic during the evening rush hours. But it was not too bad. The highway was opened up again about an hour after the rally finished so we sat parked on the pavement only about three hours.

As this is such an important decision – unlike some pundits or conspiracy theorists would have us believe – I like to stay informed and up-to-date on the issues… really, and I will probably check the news again as I drive to the polling place.

Anyway, CNN had a story the other about all the signs pointing toward economic recovery and they spent quite a bit of time on the subject. (They barely glossed over the idea that there were a few signs pointing in the opposite direction: toward continued depression. But, this being a selection cycle, nobody wants to go there.)

They talked about the GMP and the value of the dollar in foreign markets and the falling unemployment figures and… well, you know, all those sorts of things.

Still they did not mention the most important sign, one we see usually about now, three-and-a-half years into a President’s first term: the scale of his popularity.

Yes, it is a leading indicator. And he has the power to nudge it either way but at this time in the election cycle, he’s going to be nudging it toward the side that pleases the electorate.

He has been doing anything and everything to please the electorate, coaxing them into another four year run under his leadership.

Of course, after the re-election, watch out!

As far as the job Obama has been doing… not as President but as to improving his popularity by doing all the “right things” before the election, I would say he’s done a pretty good job.

But, we won’t know until later today for all those who love to stay up late and watch the returns.

Or early tomorrow morning, for the rest of us.


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