Replacement Refs Re-Do – update from Monday’s blog

Greg Rosenthal reporting at says “In Sunday’s game between the Carolina Panthers and Washington Redskins, the Panthers were incorrectly awarded a touchdown following an inadvertent whistle,” an NFL spokesperson said in a statement to CBS Sports.

They say the touchdown should not have counted and the ball should have been placed at the seventeen yard line.

But it does not say if the refs were fined or penalized in any way, like being sent back to replacement ref academy or anything.

And even Mr. Rosenthal reflects on the replacement refs as well: “It is rare to see an entire group of NFL officials melt under pressure like they did in this case. It certainly appeared the officials knew they made a mistake by blowing the whistle, so they tried to correct it, even if that meant going against the rulebook.

“We can only imagine how badly replacement refs would have been crucified had this happened under their watch.”

Thanks, NFL, I’m sure that makes the Redskin fans feel a whole lot better about the game, now.

And just how much money are these people making, anyway?

Ah, well, its a booming business and there’s money enough to go around for all of them, I am sure.

It’s only a game, right?

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