Another Kodak Moment, Of a Different Sort

My wife does not like the printer cluttering up the desktop, so we had to get rid of the large clunker for one small enough to fit on the nice little drawer in the desk.

The one we found with the right dimensions was a Brother printer but – as wife wanted to print a lot of pictures – it failed miserably with the colors. So it was moved to the spare bedroom with the backup computer – yeah, the one we rarely use.

Since she wanted to print pictures, it seemed a natural fit to get a Kodak printer.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

First, there were glitches in the setup and downloading the 75Mb setup files from the internet was a pain in the butt with our slow rural connection. Finally, download complete, the darned thing wouldn’t work.

So I got ahold of their tech support number and the guy walked me through the process – re-doing everything I had already tried – and he finally gave me the good news: they were going to ship me out a replacement.

Two days later, I went through the setup again, and it was fortunate that I did not have to download the program again.

But I was soon back on the phone to tech support. And two days later, you guessed it, I got another replacement printer.

This one, at least, finally worked.

And if you thought the headaches were about to end, think again.

Sure the inks are cheaper than other printers and the pictures come out looking really, really good, but if you wait more than a couple of days before you use it again, the first page comes out useless (& wastes ink!) because the ink is “getting old”… after two days.

Seems the ink is cheaper for a reason, huh?

Anyway, you have to use the ink up rather quickly after installing it. Even the black for printing documents.

And the reader says there is still 50% of the ink remaining but you have to install a new one to get it to print. So I returned to the store to buy yet more new cartridges, only to find neither of the two local places even carry the Kodak machines or inks anymore!

So after three machines and more headaches than I care to count, we have had it with our Kodak moments.

Fortunately, Epson now makes a wireless printer/scanner small enough to fit in the desk.

Sure, I’ll have to pay a little more, but at least I’ll be able to print when I need to. And the wife thinks the pictures look “good enough”.

Again, a win-win situation for all concerned.

Well, except Kodak, of course.


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