and now, Windows 8 (W8)

Tomorrow it will be here.

Wow! Like, I can hardly w8!

I caught the short demo of the new system with its checkered graphical display and even a link to the Windows “app-store”.

I would call that extremely innovative (Bill Gates’ catch-word, not mine) wouldn’t you? Except that I have a feeling I have sort of heard of this thing before.

Maybe I had a premonition of it, I dreamed it (or nightmared it), or maybe it’s because it sounds a lot like some Apple products I have heard of… once… you know, or twice… or so.

But then that really would be innovative, wouldn’t it? I mean, I don’t really think Windows has so closely copied anything from Apple before, have they?

Well, only that windowing thing. I recall that was all from trying to copy the Apple OS, but that is ancient history these days and we don’t even bother counting that sort of copy-catting. Not when we have a new, virtually innovative bit of copy-catting going on.

Yes, once again, Microsoft leads the way… sort of from the rear, as it were. But this new system looks really good. (wink)

I may decide to take it for a spin in 2014, which would be about a year sooner than I generally try out Windows systems… you know, like after they have worked all the bugs out.

W8 for it, W8 for it…

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