Man Tool

Most guys are probably too hip to admit it but the one basic tool for practically ANY problem is man’s best friend: good ol’ reliable duct tape.

It is really the one essential in everyone’s tool box.

I mean, it sure is nice to have a complete set of screwdrivers, flat and Phillips, for any size screw from those in a wrist watch to those used on the Titanic, but most of us can do with a medium-sized one of each type and – you guessed it – a roll of duct tape.

How does duct tape help with driving screws? Have you ever driven a screw to a quarter inch from flush and it gets a little tight and then the head strips out? You try holding the screwdriver at a different angle and perhaps, just maybe, you get another half-turn before it strips further… You can’t screw it in and you can’t back it out and it cannot hold whatever it was tight enough to be of much use so you tighten the pieces together with your dependable silvery friend.

It doesn’t help with the screwdriving but it can help hold the pieces together.

I’ve seen cars waiting for repair after an accident, with pieces are being held together with duct tape. Fenders and bumpers reattached, doors held in place, rips in seats neatly attended to, and so forth. I even saw a website called “Honey, I Fixed It!” showing such wonderful usage.

And the really nice part about this is that, even though the “fix” is supposed to be temporary, duct tape holds long enough that you can go about your other affairs… for years! The stuff just seems to hold up forever.

I have even seen people repair holes it boats with it but that doesn’t work as well because the stuff does not seem to be perfectly water-tight. No, not even with extra layers… even a LOT of extra layers.

Okay, it doesn’t work so good on really small parts like those inside a watch, and it is not so good with high temperatures, just like with water, or for frozen surfaces so maybe people in Arctic regions cannot fix their igloos with it, but for most other uses it is a Godsend.

And if you are the type that really – I mean really – intends to fix the problem in a proper manner, it is the best temporary fix known to man.

And at such an affordable price, one really should not be caught without a roll. Or two…


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