Keeping the Score Straight

After three weeks of watching the NFL season I think the tally is what sent Commissioner Goodell over the edge. The score?


And you’re probably wondering how could anyone have a negative score? But if you had watched any of the games, it is easy to see how.

So, now we have the real refs back and the games can get back to being a contest between the teams on the field rather than a contest between the prima donna coaches and the men in the zebra shirts that were completely unprepared for the “big leagues”.

And no longer will we have to worry about the deep pockets of the owners getting even deeper (which they will) and their carping about how much their profits will be cut into (don’t worry, they won’t)…

At least until the next time the players, the media, the fans, the refs, or Commissioner Goodell decide to try and flex their muscles.

Maybe all those sorts of nuisances should remove themselves from the league and go join the NBA where that sort of behavior seems to be welcomed.

And the rest of us can get back to the really important things about football…

Like the fantasy players and the bounty set-up by certain defensive coordinators – funny, isn’t that sort of thing called “offensive” to most sensibilities? – and whether some real teams (remember those?) will make the playoffs this year?

But, hey, it’s only a game, right?


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