With More than Just a Little… well, Luck

It seems that the NFL prophets (all 174 million of them) were right. Most people agreed since late September last season that Indianapolis, losing every game without Peyton Manning at the helm, was playing [i.e. losing] so they could win the Luck sweepstakes.

Sure enough, when the dust (and a lot of mud, slung as well) had settled at the end of the season, Indy had won the championship. They came out #1 in the Luck sweepstakes and proceeded to hint about dropping Mr. Manning.

After a few choice barbs exchanged via twitter and such, Mr. Kraft finally made the announcement that Peyton was no “their guy”. In fact, such had already become obvious to most people since Kraft had already canned practically everyone else around the team’s headquarters.

Funny, but I think the race to grab Peyton was even more interesting than Indy’s sloppy season… well, watching grass grow – or die! – would have been more interesting than the games Indy “played” last season.

So, Indy cleared out a space for Luck… Peyton headed for Denver… Tebow moved to the Big Top in the Big Apple circus… and everyone just had to wait for the draft.

Then Robert Griffith III decided to fore go his senior year at Baylor and enter the draft.

Hold the presses!!!

There were hints that Kraft was waffling… thinking about getting RG3 instead of Luck. Washington Redskins swapped some other draft choices to trade up to the #2 spot in the draft.

But which QB was Shanahan going to get? Luck or RG3? Things got pretty tense around many fans’ watering holes debating he qualities of each of the young men in question.

I think they will both be good QB’s but I always found Luck to be a little too serious. I guess that’s okay if that’s what you like.

RG3 always seemed more like a big kid, someone that really loves playing the game.

And smart?? Both of these guys rated higher in scholastics since practically anyone since Einstein played for the Princeton Potboilers back in… well, he never actually played, but I think he was drafted…

So, all the build up suspense was really nothing but smoke. Indy got Luck and Washington got RG3.

Great! but so what?

Can either of them field a decent team next season?

A quarterback doesn’t make the whole team, you know…

Well, not unless you are Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning.


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