Makin’ Mama Proud

Mothers always stand proud of their children’s accomplishments. Whether it is something as small as learning to tie their shoes or finally conquering the beast that is “potty-training”.

As the children grow, so do the opportunities for mothers to show them off to their friend, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers and the odd passer-by. It may seem vicarious but you gotta remember who it was that raised the child. Mothers take this stuff very seriously.

The maternal bond even holds strong for children who have taken a path much less traveled; a path that takes them into the limelight for some serious missteps. Yes, the world may turn against these but their mothers will forever stand by them and cry aloud, “Oh, my poor baby!”

Mothers. You gotta love them. Without them, none of us would be here. Literally. The male of the species does not have the physical capability nor, for the most part, the emotional qualities required for mothering.

But there are two professions I have found that make the mother most proud. If their children are stars in film or sports, famous at writing or such, they may rather quickly let that be known. But these two professions are exceptional and seem to be make the mothers more proud than simple fame could.

These mothers will likely make this known even during the introductions. As they shake your hand for the first time, or just after the “pleased to meet you” they will make the pronouncement.

“My son is a doctor” or “my son is a pastor/priest” are the ones that seem to make momma so proud they cannot hold back on. And after the announcement, they will beam proudly.

Why these two professions? Perhaps because they are known to be the most “helpful” occupations, critics notwithstanding. Or perhaps something else.

So if you really want to make your momma proud, forget that legal career, or the teaching credential, or whatever else you were considering.

That holds for sons, but “what about daughters?” you ask. Well, that one is simple. To make your momma proud you only have to become what she is: a mother.

In fact, I think they love to talk about the grandkids even more than about their own kids or their kids’ professions.

With the possible exception of the two mentioned above.

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