Signs of the Times 2

New Holland's Driving Essentials

Continuing with the theme of the last offering, I give you what I think is probably the funniest – and potentially most dangerous – sign I have ever seen. And it is not essentially a traffic sign.

This was snapped in New Holland, Pennsylvania, a small town in Amish country near to Lancaster. I cannot say for certain which of the businesses became the first occupants of the strip mall where this was displayed but someone should have asked, “Does this present the image I really want portrayed publicly?”

And, as is evident from it’s continuing existence – I have seen the sign for at least the last seven years – that either no one seems to notice the apparent declaration of what is thought to be essential to driving, or else they simply thought it was too funny to pull down.

Either way, one can only assume that the driving in Lancaster could be hazardous to health, and not only from those cute little Amish horse buggies.

If you notice an erratic driver, remember the things they consider “essential”.


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