Signs of the times

Stephens Lane - No Parking

There are a lot of funny or funky signs I have seen over the years. Some humorous, some confusing, but standing out in that they offer an interesting thumbnail of the modern world.

I wish I had pictures of some of the ones from my past. In Oregon, I saw a bridge had washed away, and the road went no further. Adjacent to the fractured buttress of the bridge was a sign announcing “Bridge Out”. Had I been traveling that stretch of road in the dead of night I would have been wishing my auto had pontoons. Fortunately, I arrived in the afternoon and had plenty of time to stop.

At the time, I did not find it humorous in the least. Since then, the danger had seemed less over the years though I still find myself slowing down when approaching a bridge. Especially if I knew there had been heavy rains in the days preceding my drive.

A lot of the signs are humorous in that they describe parallel universes… or at least what seems to be evidence of such.

The picture above was snapped in Purcellville, Virginia, and warns that there is No Parking on Stephens Lane.

Unfortunately for the traffic control gurus there, the sign was put up at Stephens Drive.

It might look like the parking situation on Stephens Lane would suffer to a marked degree. But it turns out the town has no Stephens Lane. And rather than have the sign re-done to reflect reality, they simply stood it up and hoped that drivers understand their intent.

I wonder if you can get a ticket for misreading “intent”?

Probably. At least in Purcellville.


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