All things being equal, what if…?

Now that the bounty scandal is exposed and the guilty parties have been handed their suspensions, one can only wonder if the next – seemingly obvious – step will be taken.

After all, the sources show that the Saints’ bounty system hit its peak in the year they won the Super Bowl with especial regard to the hits leveled against Bret Favre and Kurt Warner. Who’s to say that their bounties did not, ultimately, get them into the big game and brought them out as the winners?

And we all remember what happened to the Heisman Trophy which Reggie Bush had won, after certain irregularities came to the surface.

They recanted the award.

College sports often see this happening: a team wins through means that are a shade different than what is considered fair and their championships are negated.

The NFL has never done such a thing but it would seem to be the rather obvious outcome from the breadth and depth of the bounty scandal. It seems obvious that it led to their Super Bowl victory.

The Saints’ organization and their fan-base are already reeling from the justice already dispensed. What if the record books were changed to read: “Super Bowl XLIV – no winner”.

Perhaps it would be best way to send a very strong message to “professionals” in the NFL ranks for the future, let them know that cheaters – of whatever stripe – will not be rewarded with the Lombardi trophy.

I think Vince Lombardi would prefer it that way.


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