Can’t These People Get the Facts Straight?

There was a controversy a couple of years ago at the local courthouse. It seems the Christmas display had some other religious groups up-in-arms and the county decided to forbid any display. And that got even more people upset.

The controversy was ended with the county allowing any displays as long as the applicants filed the proper paperwork.

This year we are going to be treated to a traditional nativity display, a display by the followers of the flying spaghetti monster, a group trying to de-materialize Christmas celebrations, and the American Atheists.

This last group has been putting up banners all this past year touting their message. I see them every couple of weeks or so and I just have to scratch my head.

The first one I saw was Charles Darwin. Yes, he developed the loudly proclaimed Theory of Evolution but he objected when the scientific community of his day said it took God out of the picture. Darwin was a devout Christian and saw in evolution a “proof” of God’s handiwork.

Next I saw Sir Isaac Newton. Yes, he developed calculus but he did it in order to better understand God’s creation. His treatise on mathematics includes a lot of religious references.

And then they used Albert Einstein. Yes, he was not a Christian but he was a devout Jew and, like the others, tried to better understand the Creator through an examination of His creations.

And the last week, they had John Lennon. How they can think he was anything but a spiritualist, I can’t understand.

So, with all these marvelously religious persons they are using to try and push Atheism, I wondered who would they choose next? John Paul II? Mother Theresa? Or perhaps even Jesus Himself?

If they can’t check the background credentials of these people before they enroll them as poster children for atheism, one can only wonder what other “facts” they have gotten a bit twisted.

But we’re lucky that most of these atheist-types are scientists, so I don’t think it really matters that they can’t get their facts straight.

They’ll just invent another theory to explain it.


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