Some Fundamental Flaws in Democracy

First, one has to believe that two hundred million brains are better than one.


When everyone quits laughing, I will continue.

Some people claim that the electorate needs to be educated on the issues…

Issues? I knew people who voted for Clinton in ’92 because he had a daughter named Chelsea, just like them! How’s that for “issues”?

No, people do not elect based on issues. Though a lot of people may talk about the issues, it is rarely that which wins elections.

Why? It’s really quite simple. There is no candidate anywhere who is going to feel the same about every issue that you do. So you can pick the issues you feel are most important and vote for a candidate that feels the same way.

But here’s the kicker: lower taxes? Yes, they both say they want to lower taxes. Better education: yes, they both agree it is needed. Revitalize healthcare: Absolutely, say both! Bolster up social security: We’d be crazy not to, they both exclaim!

So what issue were you looking for? I don’t hear anyone proclaiming a mandatory moratorium on eating beef, or raising our taxes by 30%, or ordering the release of all the prisoners in maximum-security prisons.

Far from the issues, people are elected on how we perceive them based on what we imagine a good leader would look like.

And that doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Of course not! But this is Democracy, after all, and does not need to kowtow to anything as minuscule as making sense.


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