After tickling my tastebuds…

I passed by the TV monitor in the lobby of the business where I worked and was brought up short. A word was on the screen that I thought said SOPAPILLA and I was immediately drawn to it. Perhaps they were giving the recipe for my favorite Mexican food dessert or perhaps they were discussing a recall affecting that industry.

Either way, I was interested.

Turns out it was neither. It was nothing more than a female CNN reporter interviewing some face about the new SOPA law and why it was so important. He claimed that many websites were selling illegal copies of Hollywood films for dirt cheap. And, of course, not passing the funds back to the moneybags in Hollywood.

After she made nice with the guy for a couple of minutes, she gutted him: So, tell me, Senator, what happened to your promise not to become a lobbyist when you left Congress?

He sputtered a moment and responded: Well, this is a very worthwhile cause, you understand.

And she said: Oh, so you’re volunteering your services?

Another sputter: Well, no, I…

A smile: So, you’re being paid?

He: Well, no, I am being compensated.

She: Just say it, you’re a paid lobbyist.

And that was all I heard of that interview.

I really don’t know what all the fuss is about this SOPA thing. I know Google and Yahoo and Wikipedia and WordPress, my blogsite, were all blacked out over the issue.

I mean I know what the fuss on our end is all about. I just don’t see why the government is making such a big deal over this.

Why don’t they just do what they’ve always done? Sneak around behind the scenes and wreak whatever havoc they want until they get caught.

Laws?! They retort. We don’t need no stinking laws!!

But perhaps that is just the cynic in me who cannot believe in a kinder more caring Federal Bureaucracy.

Maybe it’s time I drop the cynical view and join this time of change



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2 Responses to “After tickling my tastebuds…”

  1. readytochangenow Says:

    The line between corporations and government is getting thinner every day…I am terrified I will wake up one day and realize I live in Orwells 1984.

  2. carltonwelsh Says:

    I agree. And it seems that we are edging ever closer to that awful vision. The thing I am most afraid of is we will become so fearful that we will allow them to do whatever they want to keep us safe and keep the dreaded boogeyman away.

    Taking back our legacy should be foremost in everyone’s mind but the corporate world keeps giving us the next big thing, another carrot to chase.

    The future does seem a little frightening at times.

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