The Changing of All Things Ghaddafi

In the days following the end of the “reign of terror” (i.e. the rule of the fellow in Libya, so as to not be confused with the other “reigns of terror” of late) of Omar Ghaddafi, there have been a number of blogs and reports I have seen showing the time line of the changing face of all things Ghaddafi.

Some have put the very bright spotlight on the amazing fashion sense of this otherwise maniacal monster. It seems the man was quite an out-of-the-box fashion guru as well as a military despot. Much of his fashion sense seemed to be wide of the mark, others think. Apparently, they can only see a despot wearing the traditional military guard of, say, Idi Amin.

But, since there has already been much written about his keen outfits, I will not go there.

Many others have made a detailed analysis of his history… his rise to power, his methods of maintaining his dominance… you know, the usual boring resume of the classic dictator. Yawn!

What I want to touch on here is another timeline others seem to have overlooked: the man’s changing name.

When I first heard of the man he was Omar Kadhafi. And since then he has gone under several different aliases: Gaddafi, Kadafi, Kaddafi, Khaddafi, and now Ghaddafi (unless it has changed again even after his demise – I really wouldn’t put it past the fellow, you know).

And he varied his first name from Omar to Maomar, perhaps even Mallomar, I’m not certain, but he was a shifty fish after all was said and done.

The question I have is why did he keep changing his name? It’s not as if we didn’t know who he really was. Did he think by assuming an alias that we would somehow think the regime had changed in Libya?

Or perhaps it was just another of his artistic whims, like changing the colors on his uniform.

But I doubt we’ll ever know for sure now unless his unpublished autobiography – and I’m sure there must be one somewhere… the man was on top of those sorts of things.

Barring that, I suppose its just another mystery for the ages.


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