West Coast Earthquake Humor

Well, we have all heard about the earthquake that rocked the East Coast from North Carolina up to New York.

And we have all seen some rather humorous pictures and comments about what wimps the Easterners are for making such a fuss over something as minor as a little shaking.
I lived in California for many years and grew quite accustomed to the earth moving around on occasion. I found it to be a very thrilling sensation, even the little shakes that came every few weeks.

After I moved east, the ground seemed a lot more stable. At least until this week. I can understand the fear and uncertainty experienced by most of the people in the east who have never experienced such a thing.
Yes, it can be very frightening. Even if nothing on the scale that California has had.

And I can understand the need for the west coast to make light of the easterners’ reactions.

But we now have something to throw back at California:
When have you started the week with a 6.0 earthquake and capped it off with a major hurricane?

Like, never!

So while California can have its little poke of fun over the earthquake reactions, they really sound very weak now that the week has ended with something as big as Irene.

Now, I just hope the easterners do not start poking fun at the west coast people when they start making noise about massive rain storms and mudslides.
There is no place on the planet, I think, that does not have its share of unusual natural occurrences. So we should all learn to be a little more understanding.

And, sure, the easterners overreacted to what the west coast would find a minor earthquake and that was, to many, very humorous.
But, let’s see how the west coast reacts to something like Irene.

Somehow, I don’t think it will be much different than the reaction of the east coast to their quake.

We all are, and remain, so very human.


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