the Al Qaeda Era Draws to a Close

Oh, if it were only true!

But if anyone has been following any of my blogs thus far, you’ll know I have spoken about the whole terrorism thing before. It isn’t quite what we think it is.

As I mentioned in “Yankee Go Home” (Jan. 1, 2010), the reasons so many around the world think so little of us has nothing to do with the more benevolent side of our society. And, no, they do not dislike us because we are rich and they aren’t wealthy.

No, they dislike us for entirely different reasons. Our condescension and manipulation in their lives does far more ill than the good that comes from tossing them a few shekels in aid money.

I remember the reaction from the media talking-heads when, just after the 9/11 attacks, many people in the Middle East were celebrating our misfortune.

Now the media is showing our reaction to the head of Al Qaeda being killed, and you know what? It’s the same reaction!

Where’s the difference? Other than our egos proclaiming, “they celebrated for evil and we celebrate for the triumph of righteousness”…


Like I said, it’s the same thing. Only the viewpoint has altered slightly.

But it sure doesn’t make us seem any different than them now, does it?

A year ago (Apr. 29, 2010 – We are a Christian Nation? – NOT!), I mentioned that we don’t really seem to be a very Christian nation in spite of what the “moral majority” may think.

And I think this pretty much sums it up.


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