Why Democracy Won’t Work

There are a lot of plus points for all the varying forms of government [a.k.a. slavery] but though democracy may be one of the more beneficial and gentler of the forms, it simply will not work. Why? Because it runs contrary to human nature.

Most people are only concerned with their daily lives and those around them and closest to them: friends and family.

The original concept for this country was a union of states, as most people could, at least, identify with the state they were from. Many could not think in that large a scale but most of the citizenry could.

So who decided that we had to be connected nationally? globally? How does it serve the interest of the totality of the citizenry of this country if multinational corporations can thrive while keeping foreign workers at poverty wage scales (rather than hiring workers in the US at union scales)? It certainly enhances the bottom line for the modern robber barons, but it does nothing for the country as a whole.

That is, unless you happened to buy the old line that what was good for General Motors was good for the U.S.A.

Most people cannot conceive of the whole world and the diversity of cultures to be encountered – yes, and nurtured – around the planet. Most people do not get the opportunity to travel abroad. But then most people really don’t want to do that. They are comfortable in their neighborhood, with their friends, their family, and most will grab up their gun and defend all that they hold dear.

To bother these people with the plight of the salmon on the Columbia River or the coal miners of Appalachia – unless they live in either region – is really not fair. They have more personal concerns, more immediate needs.

And those are the things that make democracy such a stretch. If it does not immediately concern you or your loved ones, why bother? And many people just refuse to be bothered by it anymore.

Democracy is fine in theory, but we need a better system in practice.


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