More Lessons from the Middle East

[this article was written a couple of years ago but – as with all things Mid-East – seems rather timeless]

Now that the conflict is winding down in the latest Middle East conflict, let us take a moment to review what, if anything, might be learned from the weeks-long debacle.

The Lebanese army is moving into the south of Lebanon where they have not been since 1967. And why hasn’t the Lebanese army been in South Lebanon? Because the area has been controlled by Hezbollah.

Controlled by a terrorist group?

Perhaps Hezbollah is more than “just a terrorist organization” like the administration has been selling us… or rather telling us.

And what is Hezbollah doing during the cease fire? Building up stronger resistance? Harrassing the Israeli, Lebanese, and UN troops? No, they are helping rebuild the ravaged south.

Hmmm… I thought “governments” did that, not “terrorist organizations”.

Which brings us to the Palestine question. Their local “terrorist organization” seems to be a political party: Hamas.

The hippie/yippie movement in the sixties against the Republican Party were a rather militant branch of the Democratic Party. Could we then suppose that the Democrats were a “terrorist organization” just because some members were militant?

So I think both Hamas and Hezbollah are getting a bad rep because of our LABELLING them “TERRORISTS”. Just because our government decides someone is a terrorist, does it make them one?

In a war, one does NOT send military squads into the opposing territory and kidnap non-combatants. Such a move would be labelled terrorism by any definition. Yet that is exactly what Israel has done to the Palestinian government officials.

Their claim that Hamas is a terrorist organization does not hold up. In this instance Israel is the terrorist organization!! They decry the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier as an act of terrorism and then kidnap more than two dozen parliament and cabinet officers! Why are we allied to that terrorist organization?

One final note: many Lebanese interviewed on returning to the South knew exactly who to blame for the war. Israel? No. Hezbollah? Hell, no!

They blamed George W. Bush and the United States of America.


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