Winning the War on Terrorism?

Our President claims (just like the former occupant on the throne) that we are winning the war on terrorism… either he is completely deluded, or is reading some news reports we are not privy to.

Actually, not only are we losing the war, but we are making it WORSE!

The claim relies on the fact that we have not been attacked directly since 9/11. But what our fearless leaders seem to have forgotten is that the war on terrorism is an international war, not one being waged only on the home front… at least that was the rationale used when deciding to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

But on the international stage, the war on terrorism is NOT ‘winding down’ or getting close to being won. It is FAR WORSE today than when the 9/11 attacks occurred. MORE terrorists are being created as a direct result of our current foreign policies than existed before 9/11!!

So, far from “winning the war on terrorism”, we are LOSING… Big time!


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