Return to the Confederation

Many times I have turned back to the early pages of American History and wondered whatever happened to the first noble experiment: the Confederation.

Other than the trick question of who was the first President of the United States where people would answer George Washington and the poser would respond: No, it was John Hanson, first president under the Confederation (and some snooty people respond that George was the First, because he was elected under the Constitution), most people are completely unfamiliar with the period.

And that is just how many people would like it to be continued. Proclaim Washington as the first real president because the earlier guys don’t really count.

No, people needed a stronger central government, one that could TAX the populace, and grow to behemoth proportions!

Somehow, I think the Confederation might have worked quite nicely with a few minor alterations. I wonder who – or what group – worked and maneuvered so tirelessly to see that it got torpedoed?

I don’t think we’d have to go too far to find them.

One thing about the conspirators, they were not looking for the quick pay-off. Time and patience have always worked for them… and certainly makes them harder to spot.

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