Legalized Robbery – the Future at Risk

Millions of Americans have worked for companies for many years, building up a pension for their retirement. Unfortunately, thieves come along and steal the funds, forcing them to rely on other retirement plans (i.e. Social Insecurity).

Why aren’t these thieves apprehended, prosecuted, and the funds restored?

Because it is LEGAL!!

Corporate raiders like to buy out companies that have a large pension fund, because it is ‘free money’.

Once they purchase the company, they remove the funds from the companies pension fund and flee, selling off the remainder of the company as worthless. The employees who have lost the employer matching funds for their years of service have no recourse.

In other words, they are screwed, legally.

It would be nice, in a perfect world, if the people were not so easily taken advantage of… But that would only be in a world where the government actually looked out for the people they are supposed to be serving and not just the 1% (the wealthiest) that supports their bad habits, like theft, bribery, etc.

It would be nice, but there is no government like that on this planet.

It exists only in fairy tales.


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