We are a Christian Nation? NOT!

There has been a lot of press recently concerning the Constitutional Amendment to limit marriage to a man and a woman. Many people see allowing gay marriage as a threat to our national survival. That is LUDICROUS!

I remember people saying the same thing about allowing freed slaves the vote. I remember they said the same about allowing women the vote. I remember they said the same about allowing 18 year olds the vote. Who are these stupid people who keep seeing the demise of America by allowing the freedoms we have supposedly extended to ALL people in our society?

Well, Christians, of course.

I am a Christian, as well as a heterosexual white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but I also happen to be an American. And that implies a belief in equality under the law to ALL people regardless of race, creed, et cetera. Restrictions to any group segregated by some ethnic or cultural belief is unConstitutional. States that have passed laws making same-sex marriages illegal are in violation of Federal law as encoded in the Constitution.

That is why the Christians of this country want a Constitutional Amendment to legalize their prejudices — yes, let’s make another BIGOTTED LAW. Let’s show the world what a bunch of hypocrites we are. Christian? HA! These “Christians” do not show any of the qualities of understanding or forgiveness or charity that Christ was so famous for.

This has always been a country famed for its diversification and universality. This Amendment could do more to stop immigration than the much-touted Immigration Bills in Congress. Who would want to come to a country where religious freedom no longer exists, where the once embraced diversification of peoples around the world is shunned and replaced by a narrow-minded medieval culture?

The further problem with allowing such demented legislature to be passed, is what it would open the door for in the future. Are we ready to join Iraq, Iran, and the countries whose Islamic tyrannies we so abhor, by becoming another theocracy? And what if the particular brand of Christian ethic codified happens to be a brand of Christianity not exactly your own? Will we devolve into the same religious wars we see in the Middle East, the same wars we fought in Europe in the Reformation? Methodist against Baptist, Evangelical against Catholic, a religious civil war taken to the streets all across America.

The Founding Fathers instituted religious FREEDOM for a good reason. Let’s not subvert any more of our freedoms to the terrorists in Washington OR in pulpits across the nation.

Gay marriage will NOT destroy the family or the nation. But this Amendment WILL.

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