Education – Conservative vs. Liberal

The focus of the Kansas School Board has recently been shifted as the Democrats won control of the body in the recent election.

Recent changes in the curriculum regarding evolution and restrictions on sex education were the likely culprits in the Republican losses. Apparently, the populace wants the children instructed in the scientific fields of evolution and reproduction.

The problem I have with this “controversy” is that NEITHER approach is correct. Creation or Evolution, which to teach? The answer is surprising simple: BOTH, obviously.

In discussing American history, would you teach the Republican Party or the Democratic Party? They have quite divergent views (from each other as well as from their historical counterparts), but teaching only one set of political priorities would be in error. So it is with the differing THEORIES or evolution and creation.

They are both just theories and should both be heard.

The school boards do not have a right to censor one version or the other. Both are equally sound theories and both have many adherents. And both have much written in support of them as well as articles refuting them. To deny one view without empirical evidence to the contrary would be injudicious and well as fundamentally WRONG!

Admittedly, there are a LOT of other “theories” out there as well, but I do not believe we should give equal airtime in public schools to all theories. Some are minor (to most of us) and obscure to even those in the respective fields. But the above opposing theories are major and both have substantial support.

It does not matter what some politician or some moralist thinks about the issue, the educational system should not be allowed to make the choice one way or the other, or we might as well have Big Brother take the role and make all our decisions for us.

I have spoken primarily about the creation/evolution question as it is fundamentally easier to address than the sex education question. But here the problem is with the moralistic views, rather than any pure science. The more religious people would like to see the introduction to sex taken out of the schools and put back where it should “rightfully” be: instruction from your peers like it was in ‘the good old days’. Parents think they should be the ones to tell their children about sex but most do not do it until the youngsters have already found out most of the data from their friends, who learned of it from their friends’ older siblings.

Many claim the instruction should be based in Christian morals. Have any of these people actually read the Bible? The is a LOT more sex (and some of it very graphic as well) than most fundamentalists would realize. So, using the Bible itself as a guide, I would say let the Sex Ed in schools continue.

Intelligence is often defined as being able to make decisions correctly from the available data. If there is no opposing view’s data presented, can you possibly have ANY intelligence?


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2 Responses to “Education – Conservative vs. Liberal”

  1. Karina Says:

    Problem, creationism is not science. There is no way you can scientifically test for the existence of a creator so that’s why it is religion and not science and to teach it violates the 1st amendment of the separation of church and state. Creationism is NOT a scientific theory as a scientific theory requires physical testable evidence and facts. I suggest you watch the PBS special about a recent court battle regarding teaching intelligent design in schools. The judge ruled that it was indeed creationism and that per previous rulings creationism is religion. So, no, you CANNOT teach both in science class.

    • carltonwelsh Says:

      You say the “problem” is that creationism is not science. Where in any document does it say that only science can be taught?

      As for the separation of church and state, why do we include “God” in the pledge of allegiance or the God motto on all our currency, or prayer before every meeting of the Senate and House?

      That is a much larger can of worms that I can deal with in so short a space.

      Science, in its pure form is as you describe but there is as much politics in the scientific community as in any other and things “provable” are often brushed aside. IF evolution is provable, then prove it and make Creationism a moot point.

      And as for the judicial ruling… that is not evidence of much as even a cursory study of judicial rulings can confirm. I suppose they are not very scientific and one ruling can easily lead to an opposing ruling.

      That’s not proof worth much.

      My point was is that a lack of choices in education leads to one-dimensional thought processes. The discussion could be more dynamic and educational if an opposing view were presented. If not creationism, then something else.

      Especially as evolution has never yet been proven – it has a lot of evidence for sure, but it is still just a theory – I do not see why it is being taught as FACT.

      In less, of course, you agree with creating unthinking robots with our school dollars.

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