the Three Stooges of Government

A recent Zogby poll showed that most American’s could name the three Stooges but not the branches of the government. They could name some of the dwarves, but not the Supreme Court Justices. It does not mean American’s are stupid, just uninformed about issues that mean little or nothing to them.

People have an easy time remembering things that matter to them: song lyrics, people’s names, certain dates, directions, et cetera.

Were it not for the ability of the brain to store and summon-up these memorized tidbits, our whole society would come crashing down. And a key factor in this type of memory actually working is the pleasure associated with the data.

And as there is little pleasure (for most people, anyway) in even thinking of the government, it is small wonder that anyone can name the three branches of government. The knowledge of such data would imply that people actually care about, or are concerned with this government of, by, and for the people themselves.

An unspoken freedom in America is the freedom from even thinking about the government. The freedom to ignore what the lawmakers and diplomats are doing to the world every day in OUR name… yes, we can breathe easy and simply ignore all of that.

Also, one might think it a nifty piece of psychological buffoonery for the pollsters to ask about the three branches of government and immediately enquire about the famous comic trio.

So, for those of you who could not come up with the three branches of government, I will tell you: Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe.


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