What will They Search if…?

After the famous “shoe-bomber” episode, airport security had all prospective passengers remove their shoes for examination. Now, after the “liquid-bombers” scenario, they are checking all liquids brought onto airplanes.

Quite a typical knee-jerk reaction. And the shoe search continues years after the one shoe threat was thwarted. How long they will continue the madness, no one knows. But what if something REALLY bizarre happens?

What will happen, I wonder, if a terrorist attempts to bring a bomb on a plane secreted in one of his/her private orifices?

You might think it funny, but smugglers through the centuries have transported contraband in this manner. It is probably only a matter of time before the terrorists think of such a system. And once the plan is discovered, how will airport security handle it?

As unfunny as it sounds, I imagine there would be widespread (pardon the pun) body cavity searches implemented at airports. But how many people would submit to the indignity of having their internals poked and prodded by some functionary? How long would such search procedures be in place?

How far are we or this paranoid administration willing to go to protect our “security”?

And how is this “knee-jerk” mentality actually keeping us safe, anyway?

They claim that the inconveniences we must suffer are but a small price to pay for our security. But if the terrorists see what security measures we have in place, won’t they simply come up with a plan to circumvent it? And, in that case, all the security checking in the world is NOT going to keep us secure.

A better system of security had better be arrived at shortly, or we will never be secure by playing ‘catch-up’.

But, meanwhile, drop your pants and spread!


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