Land of the Free…

The basic freedoms of the citizenry in this country continue to erode at a frightening rate. Corporate mega-giants continue their rape of the country unabated, given a helping hand by the President, the Congress, the Courts, and the media who continues to distract us with smoke and mirrors at issues of such trifling moment that we are kept from looking at the actions being done.

The populace follows like sheep, looking at what we are “supposed” to look at and not question the rapine being done in the guise of national security (translation: protecting the holdings of the very very rich – notice that in the latest recession, the very rich got richer faster than in previous years while we tightened our belts?). Like lambs to the slaughter, we tell the government “take away my freedoms, please, as I am incapable of utilizing them”. They have told us it is those very freedoms that led to the 9/11 attacks. And so, in abject fear, we relinquish them.

But isn’t it those very freedoms that have kept us strong throughout our history? Isn’t that the reason the whole world envies us?

Perhaps it is time to pack up our belongings and leave this nation of crumbling standards and move to the land of the free, the home of the brave: Canada.


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