Religious Freedom

The Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion for our nation and the Constitution defines a separation of Church and State. Then why do we have “In God We Trust” on our coinage? Why is there the phrase “under God” in our pledge of allegiance? Are we pledging allegiance to a deity, a nation, or a flag – and don’t get me started on the phrase “and the republic for which it stands” because there isn’t one (see my last entry: Cure for the Ailing Republic). If it is some form of Christian proselytizing, it is improperly placed.

I also find objectionable the use of prayers before school, Congress, sports, battles… in fact in any place other than the home or a house of worship. Although I do not object to people who use prayer quietly and to themselves in times of stress when it is helpful to them such as preparing to ask the boss for a raise or traveling in a plane about to crash, but other public displays of prayer should not be permitted.

Anyone who claims we are a Christian nation should be sent to read the Bill of Rights, and the clause in the Constitution about the separation of church and state. We are a diverse nation, a grouping of peoples from many different social, ethnic, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds. For the state to identify with only one of those groups spells bad news for the rest of us. I am a Christian and would be very upset if a Muslim theocracy took over the country, but no more so if a Jewish priest-king took over. So I certainly do not want a Christian demagogue running this country.

Leave the Hail Marys and the amens for another venue. “Separation” means just that: NO religion in our government.



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