Terrorism Is Not Really the Problem

Most people see the largest problem facing a peaceful world is the presence of terrorism. They think everything would be rosy, if the Islamic extremists and jihadists would stop making trouble.

What a joke!

Historically speaking (and some of the history is fairly recent), many groups of terrorists have been plying their trade for centuries, and very many of those groups were terrorizing long before Islam was created. One such (Israel) was covered in my earlier entry on “Terrorism in the Middle East in the Twentieth Century”.

Although are government has “declared war on terrorism”, it is one of those useless sound bites that don’t really amount to much. Besides, the terrorism is not the problem, but merely a symptom resulting from the problem. (You see this a lot in our society – even beyond the medical arena – symptoms alone are treated while the disease continues unabated.)

The problem is US! Not each of us individually, but the collective whole of how our country operates in the world at large, and it is not a pleasant legacy our brand of capitalism is leaving to the remainder of the world. Most foreigners see Americans as fat, lazy, and cruel dominators of the rest of the world.

Islam also sees us as the primary supporters of Israel’s takeover of Palestine, uprooting a civilization that has been there for many centuries and turning them into homeless wanderers… much like the Israelites were for centuries before, and not through anything other than their own doing!

So, to handle the terrorism, you would first have to address the issues they are fighting against. I do not mean to give in to their desires, but a genuine offer of negotiated settlement could go a long way to ending the grievances.

And the terrorism we currently face.


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One Response to “Terrorism Is Not Really the Problem”

  1. health insurance jobs Says:

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday that Israel’s announcement of new settlement construction in disputed territory in East Jerusalem was “insulting” to the United States. Its doesn’t bother me though. I will be fine.

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