Total Lack of Conscience

When you see the pictures from the war zone in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, or even the earlier ones from Kosovo, Somalia, Viet Nam, et cetera, one wonders how the people who make the weaponry live with themselves.

They must have strong constitutions!

Actually, most of the people who work in the war industries either convince themselves that they are “protecting peace” or they have no conscience whatsoever.

Personally, I prefer those who have no conscience!

Anyone who can delude themselves to think that the weapons they make are sustaining peace have no concept of what peace IS. If they can convince themselves that they are doing “God’s work” or fighting for freedom, they are one step away from being the next Inquisitors, or the next KKK, or the next Nazis, or the next _ _ _ _ (fill in whatever term you prefer).

Those people scare the hell out of me! With such a porous mind, they can easily be duped into thinking any sort of thing would be “good for the people”. Their logic circuits don’t quite meet at junction, their synapses don’t fire in time… they are not playing with a full deck!

People who understand what they are doing, full well and conscious, have to bury it in their minds (or go nuts) and show more fortitude than the other fanatical group. They show some mental strength, to be able to put aside the horror they are creating in order to keep food on their families’ tables, to pay the bills, to make ends meet. They have to battle themselves to hide the truth from themselves in order to survive. And they quite often have mental breakdowns.

Those who learn to have no conscience can get the work done without fanfare, without fostering other causes. They do not need to delude themselves that they are doing the “right thing”. They hide all that away their own little hell.

This applies to industries beyond the war machine as well. Food processors, pharmaceutical firms, legislators…


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