Fiscal Nincompoopery

I heard a program on NPR this morning about the squeeze some local jurisdictions are getting into with the Feds. It seems many locations cannot meet the clean air standards established by the EPA and so the Federal Government is going to penalize the cities for not getting “into line”. A spokesman for the Feds said, “The technology to bring them into compliance is available, so they will have to go the distance to purchase the technologies they need.” I suppose many would see that as a fair task.

Not me, however, since I know that the technology has been available for years, so why are the manufacturers of these machines that pollute our environments allowed by the same Federal Government to continue producing and selling pollution generating devices (such as automobiles). It would make more sense for the Feds to crack down on the producers of the pollution rather than the consumers. If there were no more machines that pollute the environment being produced, we stupid consumers would not be buying them would we? (Once again, attacking the symptom rather than the disease… yes, I repeat myself on this theme, but it bears repetition.)

In many cases the consumers do not have the choice whether or not to buy polluting devices, or to pay a hefty fee to have the modifications made. That is a non-issue. If the Feds had done their job in the first place, there would be no more polluting devices being produced, anywhere. But once again, the Abramoffs and their ilk have buttered the hands of Congress and White House alike to forestall any penalties levied there. And since the Feds feel compelled to penalize someone, it is once again the taxpayer and the local governments paying the penalty for the continuing inefficiency of the Feds. (Gosh, thanks Mr. Lincoln for creating this stupid situation!)

Even today, when a small number of autos that pollute less are on the market, the auto manufacturers continue to produce a larger majority of polluting machines by comparison. So, why isn’t the Federal government looking out for our interests instead of those of big business?

The answer is too obvious to even mention.



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