Terrorism in All but Name

After years of tormenting the Palestinians, Israel very quickly started wars on two borders. The kidnapping of Israeli citizens was the fuse that ignited the war, and Israel says it will not treat with terrorists, especially for an “exchange of prisoners”.

Their stance would be admirable if the facts would just get out of the way.

Israel has refused to accept a Palestinian state, or to acknowledge its right to exist. And yet they refuse to treat with Palestine for the same refusal. It seems that it is okay if they behave like that, but definitely not okay if the Palestinians do it.

And what are these prisoners the Palestinians (and now the Lebanese) want released? Are they asking for the release of terrorists? Political prisoners? No, they only want the release of women and children being held illegally in Israel prisons without formal charges. That’s the reason Israel wants to go to war.

Well, that and the reason that they really don’t need an excuse in their attempt to wipe the Palestinians from the face of the earth.

Who is being the terrorist here?

And, as usual, our administration sides with the Israeli terrorist government, and drawing more rebuke on us by countries around the world as well as the Vatican. Yet we continue to send them over a billion dollars a day… sounds like a very serious drug problem doesn’t it? We’ve got it bad and we can’t shake it.

Israel (not Jews, mind you) may yet be the death of us.


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