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Senator Specter had enough of the prevarication and obstructions by the Executive Branch and felt the President gave Congress no respect, so he planned a new law to take the President to task: Congress will be able to sue the President for obstruction.

What a nice idea. After six years of rubber-stamping most of what the President had wanted (there are some major exceptions, though), the Senator had gotten tired of the signing statements used by President Bush to interpret how (or if) he plans to follow the law he is signing. Quite often, he had interpreted the laws as not applying to him… after all, he was “the decider”.

Congress had already said they are above the Executive Branch in the case of the FBI searching a congressional office (see earlier blog “Balance of Powers Revisited” for more), although as I mentioned they did not go after the Courts for authorizing the FBI search warrant. Apparently, they now want to tackle the Courts as well.

Many Senators (like John Kerry for one) chastised Congress’ wasting time on the Flag Burning Amendment that week when there were “more important things to do” (hey, what could be more important than politicking for re-election, huh?). Senator Hatch spoke for the Amendment saying it was “the most important thing” Congress should be doing now. And why? He said to send a message to the Courts that Congress would no longer be “bullied” by them.

He was responding to the Supreme Court striking down Congress’ earlier Flag Burning legislation struck down by the Court in 1990. Well, Senator Hatch is quick to respond, if nothing else. It only took him 16 years to fashion a response! No slaggard he!

So we have Congress squaring off against the other two branches of Government, claiming they have been bullied and they are not going to take it anymore. What a joke and a tremendous waste of the taxpayers’ dollars.

And, somehow forgotten in all this pettifogging and politicking, were the real problems facing America. Is there maybe a fourth branch of government we can depend on to actually do something for the people and not just for our elected officials? Actually, I am not too concerned with the rights of all those “fat cats”.

And I see no difference in the Congress under this new administration.

They should all be impeached!


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