Prestidigitation and Legerdemain: I studied magic when I was younger but could never excel at the primary art of the magician: prestidigitation and legerdemain. These two talents are the ways the magician can keep your eyes occupied by the flurry of actions of one hand while the other is busy doing what he does not want you to see.

The entire mess in the Middle East and Terrorism has kept us occupied so Bush & Co could destroy the environment in the name of corporate America. A full list of what has been going on can be found in “Thieves in High Places” by Jim Hightower (see his website). Vast areas of our natural resources are now being opened to rape by corporate America, thanks to Bush and his “distractions”. We are so pre-occupied with the Middle East, the 9/11 conspiracy, domestic spy-ops, immigration troubles, and any number of other hot items in the media, that we are not aware of the real issues behind all the smoke and mirrors. We are constantly being distracted. Thank you, news media.

DOMESTIC SPYING – This has already been going on for so long, unbeknownst to the public, that its revelation at this time meant nothing more than Bush was preparing to pull the wool over our eyes for something else he was doing – distracting us yet again from what’s really going on.

BUYING STOCKS – Bush had pushed us to buy stocks in so many different ways. His re-work of social security (“I have faith that the American people are smart enough to be able to invest their money more wisely and with better results than the Social Security Administration” – what a lot of BS!) to encourage us to buy stocks and the tax-break being given to people to buy stocks… hmmm, he must have had a promotional contract for Dean, Witter or something.

Investing in stocks as a way of their phasing out Social Security is such a farce and not one media market I found asked the really interesting question: Hey, wasn’t Social Security founded because people had lost their shirts when the stock market crashed in 1929? It is because of the stock market and the losses of everyone’s savings that Social Security was created. And now we were supposed to forget that and throw our life savings back into that same market?

Did he think we are that gullible? Uh, well, yes, of course we are!! (That could also be the reason why the rich are dumping stock to buy gold.)

I smell a rat (or two… thousand).

Those interested in learning more history of this shell-game of smoke and mirrors played out by the government, the money-men, and our supposedly unwitting media can be found in the book None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham (an online copy is a free download).

It would be nice if it was all a dream, or a fantasy… Alas, it’s not.


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