Balance of Powers (revisited)

A couple of years ago, Congressmen were being investigated by the FBI.

It was strange how long the fit thrown by Congress continued. Both parties stood united as one against what they call “unconstitutional” actions by the FBI.

The situation was laughable.

And the wording they used was almost humorous. First they claimed that they were not above the law (although how that jibes with the rest of their case is not connected by any dots I could find). Rather than objecting to the “FBI” or the “Justice Department”, they called it “the Executive Branch”, thereby attempting to polarize their position. They claimed the balance of powers clause in the Constitution prohibited the search of their offices by “the Executive Branch”. They claim “the Executive Branch” is attempting to intimidate them.

They seem to overlook the fact that it was a Federal Judge (a.k.a. “the Judicial Branch”) had to sign the search warrant. So, why weren’t they complaining that TWO branches of the government are ganging up on them?

Obviously, they did not have a beef with the Judicial Branch, who was obviously complicit in the “illegal action”.

As usual, there is more here than meets the eye. In other words, they were looking out for their own interests rather than those of the country or their constituencies.

As far as being intimidated by “the Executive Branch”, I can see no reason for any such intimidation. Congress had been little more than a “rubber stamp” for the Bush administration, no more than a supportive organ of the Executive Branch, failing at stopping any of the initiatives the President and his “support base” (translation: the very, very rich) have shoved down our throats.

If someone is so willing to bow to the will of the President and “the Executive Branch” at all turns, why would they need to be intimidated?

Perhaps it was only their attempt late in the game to separate themselves from the cancer at the head of the government that they have so supported for so long. If that be the case, why didn’t they stand up to the Executive Branch where it would be better served, like doing something for the American people? Personally, I think that not only should we have impeached the President but the Congress as well. Every one of them. And put the balance of power back where it belongs: to the electorate.


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