Yale – Shame!

Yale University is quite proud having produced another President of the United States. Even at the time I should have thought they would be more circumspect. I think they should not be over proud of the fact. This mostly illiterate President would be a marvelous poster boy for the “What a Waste of Money Higher Education Is” campaign.

And graduates of Yale can see the value of a sheepskin with the word YALE on it took a sharp downturn.

How did this functioning illiterate get a degree from what was once a prestigious university? Money… and his family name. And that’s about it. Imagine how utterly stupid you too could be and still get a degree from Yale. As long as you did not have to appear and take any orals and could pay someone to do your homework and sit in on your exams for you, you too could be on the next rocket to glory, just like George W. And you don’t even have to understand the English language!!

Money and connections! Yale, you could singlehandedly destroy the educational institution as a whole with this pathetic example of exactly what you will “honor” with a degree.

But Yale doesn’t care what image this creates for them. They still have the Skull and Bones…


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