Was This Guy Psychic or What?

Here is a great example of the allies our American government supports.

I was just amazed at the ability of Ehud Olmert to discern what was going on around him. Maybe its some intuitive awareness of minutiae or some rare psychic gift bestowed on him by the Almighty, but this guy is the real deal!

After the first week of the recent conflict in southern Lebanon, he claimed the army had destroyed Hezbollah’s infrastructure and they would fall apart within days.

A week later he said Hezbollah had been sufficiently crippled that they could no longer continue their rocket attacks on Israel.

He claimed later that his army was targeting only the Hezbollah positions and that soon the terrorists would have no place to hide.

Wow!! This guy was batting 1.000! He was 100% WRONG!! Perhaps he oughta step down and allow someone with some intelligence to run the country. His intelligence services seem to be on a par with ours, though, as our record in Afghanistan and Iraq matches what the Israeli intelligence service has accomplished: NOT MUCH.

Perhaps Ohmert, like Bush, did not understand the word ‘intelligence’.

But, as both seemed to be psychic… who needs intelligence?


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