Straw Puppet Governments

America has repeatedly put people in power in foreign lands to run their governments to our specifications. Yes, we just love spreading “democracy”.

The upside to this is we get an economic boost. The downside is the loss of people (yes, the freedom oiled with the blood of patriots) and prestige… ours, of course, as many people in many lands get the news of what we have done, even though our press does not pass the news on to us (free press? BULL!).

So the people of the world look unfavorably on Americans (see my article Yankee Go Home for more on this), as if we were to blame for what our criminal leadership does abroad… but then we are to blame, aren’t we?

Besides setting up these world leaders (and giving them carte blanche to oppress the people as they wish – which they do) there is always the second part of our national agenda: returning to the countries as “heroes” to evict the puppet governments we have set up. The media proclaims we have struck another blow for liberty and democracy around the world… and the public just eats it up.

So, we set them up as puppets and take them down as straw enemies. What’s not to understand?

Is this a great country or what?


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