Election Reform

Hooligans waited near the voting areas to chase away any “undesirables”, people who were likely to vote differently than the powermongers wanted.

Ballots from precincts heavy in the opposition party somehow got lost.

Other voting records were outright falsified.

Does this sound like election day in some far away third world country, a hotbed of insurrection and anarchy? The picture presented is frequently heard about in the evening news of elections in war-torn countries run by military juntas attempting to gain a “stamp of respectability” by indulging the populace in what foreign observers would call “fair elections”, but are in reality anything but fair.

And unfortunately, this was not some third world country, this scene was of the last three elections in the United States of America. November 2000 saw those actions taken in Florida and November 2004 saw them reenacted in Ohio. In 2008 it happened in several locations but was not as heavily reported.

And Congress still wants the rest of us to move over to electronic voting machines with no paper trail.

There really is no more reason to vote, is there?


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