Terrorism in the Middle East in the 20th Century

This is not going to be a documentary history, just a short overview. (a complete listing of terrorism in Palestine 1944-48 can be found at http://www.doublestandards.org/unbunche.html)

Terrorist activity in the Middle East had been going on for centuries, but on a very small scale much like terrorist activities in other parts of the world as well: Europe, Africa, America. But early in the 20th Century, the terrorist activities began to increase. Armed bands attacked villages, usually at night, burning, looting, raping, killing; all the usual terrorist things. And they were not just bandits or hoodlums, but ideologists working toward a political agenda.

The terrorist attacks continued for years and escalated into bombings. Untold thousands died. Political authorities tried in vain to stem the tide, but it did no good. The violence continued, even through the second world war. Finally, having had enough (especially after a high government official was assassinated), the government swooped in and arrested thousands of the terrorists. The populace felt secure only for a short time, however, as the terrorists were soon released and the territory mandated to them.

Imagine how the victims felt when the terrorists were not punished, but were rewarded for their criminal activities. Still, there was some solace as the victims now learned from their oppressors how to do terrorist activities.

So the Palestinians began to balance horror for horror against their former terrorists, the Israelis. But, having been at it longer and having powerful allies (meaning US, financing their terrorist actions), the Israelis continue to “out-terror” the terrorists. Israel demanded recognition, and having gotten it still continue their genocide of the Palestinians but now as a “state supported” – and therefore “legal” or political – terrorism.

Now we indulge our superiority by declaring a fallacious war on terrorism while continuing to send hundreds of billions of dollars every year to the largest state supported terrorist organization in the world.

It does not look like terror in the Middle East in the 21st Century will fare any differently.


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