“… the consent of the governed…”

Most people thought that phrase from the Declaration of Independence was really “out there”.

Unfortunately, it was not divinely inspired rhetoric but rather a “self-evident truth”. At no time in history has a tyrannical government continued without the “consent of the governed” as the number of revolutions, riots, and oppositions to tyranny throughout history prove. The people may not actually verbalize their consent but by their inaction in allowing it to continue have given their unspoken consent.

But when the oppression becomes too much, people have always raised up and removed the government or expressed such outrage that the government changed. It was no different in ancient times, medieval times, or recent times, as it is today.

Many people in this country are griping and complaining about this and the past illegal administration and the war and the economy, et cetera, but obviously not enough people are angry enough to pressure for a change. Apparently, most people are taking a “wait-and-see” sort of attitude, hoping the next election will turn things around for the country. Most followed Nancy Pelosi’s lead in waiting for that next pie-in-the-sky election.

They had forgotten that the other party did not do much good for us. And that party seemed to have been incapable or reticent to stop the destruction of America and the values it holds dear during the run of the Bush administration. The Democrats are as guilty as the Republicans for the present situation. It seems we do not have anyone working for our interests in Washington… perhaps the people need a lobbyist of our own.

But as bad as it may seem to many, the country still slogs along and the apparency of normalcy allows us to think it has not gotten bad enough… yet. And so as in many times in history, it will have to get far worse before the people rise up and force a change.

The longer it takes, the more bloody and chaotic the change will be. But that seems to be what the people want.


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